"Our network availability has improved because before LogixNMC, we did not know when our sites went down" ... LogixNMC Customer

Network Management : LogixNMC - WAN

Intelligent Network Management

Logix network management solutions enable enterprises to intelligently and proactively manage their IT infrastructure. For enterprises needing 100% network visibility and availability, Logix provides flexible, web-based, hosted network monitoring and management solutions that help enterprises achieve improved performance and a higher ROI. We excel in helping customers optimize current bandwidth, and facilitate additional bandwidth planning. Unlike expensive software suites or carrier services, our solutions are fully managed, provide an easy “just use it" model, and perform automatic trouble shooting.

A Logix Network Management Center Solution offers your enterprise:

  • Timely access to critical network status information
  • Reduction in internal expenses
  • Reduced mean-time-to-restoration
  • Improved network availability
  • Detailed performance reporting and analysis
  • No capital expenditure
  • Ability to track and quickly report
  • SLA violations
  • Full functioned trouble ticketing system
  • Ability to view bandwidth utilization
  • Peace of mind

Service Delivery

LogixNMC network management solutions are provided by integrating your critical network devices onto the LogixNMC platform. This platform is hosted in the Logix Network Management Center (NMC) via secure frame relay or VPN connection. In this fashion, your company can "out-task" fully integrated enterprise management applications. You pay only for what you need and avoid capital expenditure, headcount, licensing, and all other related costs.


IT professionals are under increasing pressure to build and expand network infrastructures with more limited resources, budgets, and staffing. Logix allows your network support personnel to be more effective and efficient, providing increased uptime and network availability.


LogixNMC is available worldwide on a multitude of vendor's equipment and is completely carrier neutral.

How does it work?

Logix will provide a secure web portal for access to graphs, charts, tabular data and file downloads of critical data we collect about your network. Configuration and set up are done remotely with no need for any expensive on-site technician visits. Our skilled engineers will complete any configuration changes that are necessary. These changes are usually limited to simply enabling SNMP and establishing a secure route from your network back to our NMC. Provisioning time onto the LogixNMC platform depends on the size and complexity of your network, but most of our customers are up and running and enjoying the benefits of LogixNMC within a week.

LogixNMC Options
LogixNMC Feature Monitor with Reports Fully Managed
 7x24 Monitoring x x
 Fault Detection x x
 Network Monitor x x
 Online Ticketing System x x
 Availability Reports x
 &MTTR/MTBF Reports x x
 XML Carrier Notification x x
 Customer Notification x x
 Utilization Reports x x
 Bandwidth Alerts x x
 Performance Queries x x
 Performance Graphing x x
 Performance Reporting x x
 Online Request System x x
 Live Carrier Notification   x
 Fault Management   x
 Change Management   x
 Config Management   x
 Managed CPE   x
 Device MACD   x

LogixNMC offers a fresh way to monitor and manage your critical business infrastructure. Find out how a LogixNMC solution makes sense for your business.

  • No capital expenditure
  • Quick set up
  • Hosted service
  • No complex configuration
  • Intuitive web portal

Flexible Pricing Options:

  • Fully Managed provides our worldclass software platform and a team of skilled engineers 7x24x365
  • Monitor with Reports provides a very cost-effective software platform while you provide the engineering support

LogixNMC is the Network Management Service Trusted by Companies Like Yours

Logix is already monitoring and managing IT infrastructures for thousands of devices worldwide. With industry experts, experience, world class remote management technology, and time tested processes, Logix can anticipate, identify, and resolve issues faster, more accurately

It makes sense.

For more information regarding LogixNMC:
Logix Resource Group
2180 Satellite Blvd. Suite 400
Duluth, GA 30097


  • 3COM 5012/6040
  • Netgate 8100
  • Netopia 4686XL/3341
  • Cisco 871/1721/1760/1841
  • Cisco 2651/2800/2801/2811
  • Cisco 2821/2851/3825/3845
  • Adtran 1335/3200/3205


  • Juniper 5xt/SSG 140/SSG 320
  • Juniper SSG 520/NS 204/NS 208
  • SonicWall TZ190
  • ASA 5505


  • Cisco 2950/2960/3550
  • Cisco 3750/4500/65xx
  • Juniper EX Series


  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Windows x86
  • Windows x64


  • SNMP
  • Performance Counters
  • Syslog
  • Eventlog
  • NetFlow